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‘Addams Family’ house on market

This is a cool listing for a house. The house, though not actually, looks like the Addams Family house and is 141-years-old. ‘Addams Family’ house on market for spooky $2.5 million The laminated sign to the left of the front door is ominous. “Inspection is at your own risk,” it tells the dozens of curious […] - (read more)

S&P report warns against ignoring global impact of climate change

The new S&P report warns that the overall catastrophe exposure will be detrimental to the reinsurance industry if the norms for catastrophic losses reflect 2005 and 2011 numbers. S&P Report Warns Reinsurers Not to Ignore Global Impact of Climate Change Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services has announced the publication of its annual “Global Reinsurance Highlights” […] - (read more)

Utah fracking fine highlights wastewater pond threat

Often times when we think about the problems with fracking we think about the damage fracking wells cause. We never really consider there are more ways to dispose of the waste, and we should. Massive ponds are created to store fracking water so it can be either recycled, buried or slowly evaporated. These ponds are […] - (read more)

Buying Is a Bargain, But Renting Remains Expensive

Right now, buying a home is a much better bargain than renting; and this is the case for most of the nation. Zillow’s July Real Estate Market Reports examined both mortgage affordability and rental affordability nationwide and in dozens of large markets. U.S. home buyers should currently expect to pay 15.3 percent of their incomes […] - (read more)