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Gowanus Is Counting on a Cleanup

This is great news for Brooklyn. It sounds like this type of cleanup could take the Gowanus area to a whole new level of cool. The canal has been amongst one of the most polluted in the country and all of the area was zoned for mostly manufacturing, but when it was declared a Superfund […] - (read more)

Home Repairs: When to DIY and When to Hire a Pro

When you start thinking its time to buy a house, there are many things to take under consideration. Of great importance as you are shopping around is your ability to do upgrades and repairs on your own. If you go the fixer-upper route, you will need to factor in how much of the work you […] - (read more)

Reasons You May Not Be Able To Afford A New House

Here is a sort of down-to-earth realistic idea of what you may have to give up when thinking about whether you can afford to buy a new house. While it does seem a bit over the top to think about how many lattes or subway rides you’d have to give up, it sort of makes […] - (read more)

What the comeback of travel agents says about real estate

This article discusses the need to have an expert who knows how to get you the best deals; and how said expert is incredibly valuably to the experience. Read more: What the comeback of travel agents says about real estate When discussing the future of real estate, it is curious how often real estate agents […] - (read more)