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Louisiana Is Struggling for a Disposal Method for the Nation’s Biggest Stockpile of M6 Artillery Propellent

So, this should scare the crap out of the people who live in the surrounding areas. If I’m not mistaken, this place is in the NW corner or Louisiana on the border of the state. Colorado has figured out its similar challenge in Pueblo, but for some reason, Louisiana thought they could just maybe set […] - (read more)

The Silent Housing Crisis in Rural America

The 20 percent of the American population that live in rural areas find it very difficult to find safe, affordable housing. These are the 20 percent that live in rural areas around the country. This article explores a tragic realization: while no one has been paying attention, this struggle has reached crisis levels. Read the […] - (read more)

The 10 Least Affordable Cities in America

This is pretty good, and should be unsurprising, information if you are looking for that next glorious place to live. If any of the places in the article below on your list, you better be saving up OR already have a more than entry-level job. …or plan on renting. Read the Article: Start Saving Now! […] - (read more)

Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Topics

The President has been on the road for the past two weeks telling us (if we are paying attention) what he will be addressing in the State of the Union tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 20, 2015). If you haven’t been paying attention, then you can find information on what he will be addressing here and […] - (read more)