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Obama’s 2015 State of the Union Topics

The President has been on the road for the past two weeks telling us (if we are paying attention) what he will be addressing in the State of the Union tomorrow night (Tuesday, January 20, 2015). If you haven’t been paying attention, then you can find information on what he will be addressing here and […] - (read more)

The Opaque World of Committee Assignments

This is a really interesting article about committee assignments in the House and Senate and how important they really are to a politician. …and after you read this one, go check out this article about ethics and holiday parties on Capital Hill. Read More: The Opaque World of Committee Assignments. One of the older truisms […] - (read more)

Thousands of people can now buy back the homes they lost to foreclosure

This is probably really good news for the 121,000 homeowners who were foreclosed on, though, it seems odd. Some have probably moved on and others may not be able to get financing, because, you know…they have a foreclosure on their record. Stay tuned to this bit of news, there will probably be more information. Read […] - (read more)

Gowanus Is Counting on a Cleanup

This is great news for Brooklyn. It sounds like this type of cleanup could take the Gowanus area to a whole new level of cool. The canal has been amongst one of the most polluted in the country and all of the area was zoned for mostly manufacturing, but when it was declared a Superfund […] - (read more)