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Veterans have Created a Housing Boom

Here’s an interesting article about the many different ways veterans have been able to create a housing boom in the country. Read more: Veterans have created a housing boom There may be fewer military boots on the ground overseas, but here at home major campaigns in the housing market have been directed this year at […] - (read more)

One-Fifth of Detroit’s Population Could Lose Their Homes

This is an interesting article (and as usual, the comments are just as interesting). The most interesting part of this article is the last few paragraphs, where the author points out that the future of the neighborhood in question may not even matter for the homeowners. Those that make decisions in Detroit have begun to […] - (read more)

Short History of the Self-Made Man

Here is a really great longform article that looks at the history of the self-made man. Its an interesting, introspective piece and one that really looks at self-reliance and the different men in history who became something because of their perserverance. Read More: The Self-Made Man. I’ve always admired what my father accomplished, and how […] - (read more)

Which U.S. City has the Least Representative Police Force?

There is a really great article at that examines the residency requirements for police officers in the US. Data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission between 2006 to 2010 was compared with data from the American Community Survey for the same period. What they found was “cities with a residency requirement were LESS likely […] - (read more)