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All walks of life among Malaysia plane passengers

In light of the politics involved in the downing of the Malaysian plane, its important to not overlook the people who lost their lives and the contributions they made to the world they lived in. Read the article for more on these people. International passengers from all walks of life, from a prominent AIDS researcher […] - (read more)

The Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Every State

This is a pretty amazing look at the most expensive homes for sale right now in every single state. Despite the sluggish housing market, homes at the high end of the spectrum are still being listed for record amounts. In Beverly Hills, there’s a home selling for a whopping $135 million, and New York City […] - (read more)

US home starts fell in the South during June

The housing starts report came out today and while it dropped 9.3%, it is very important to understand only one region dropped incredibly – the South. The North, Midwest and the West are all up anywere from 2.6% to 28%. Being that it is only one region, one should not take this to mean there […] - (read more)

Denton Residents to Vote on Partial Fracking Ban

It looks like the Denton, Texas’ City Council did not want to defy industry groups and state regulators, so they voted against a ban on furthering permitting of hydraulic fracturing in the city. Now, the proposal goes to public ballot for the residents to vote on. Good luck to the 1900 voters who have signed […] - (read more)