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Momentum Affects the Real Estate Market

The article below seems to be written about a specific real estate market in (I think) Canada, but there is some information that makes sense for understanding all real estate markets from small town Florida to big city New York. Here’s the article:How momentum effects the real estate market The first question is, why did […] - (read more)

States With The Most Job Openings For College Graduates

Graduation is almost here, but maybe you haven’t quite decide where you will move to after college. Maybe this article will help. Here’s the Article: The states with the most job openings for college graduates Massachusetts, Delaware, and Washington state provide college graduates with the best odds of landing a job, while West Virginia, Rhode […] - (read more)

Cities Where Workers Are Getting Priced Out Of The Housing Market

Take a look at the cities where home prices are outpacing wage growth. Here’s the Article: These are the cities where workers are getting priced out of the housing market Home prices have grown 13 times faster than wages in the housing recovery. That’s according to a RealtyTrac study that compared government data on average […] - (read more)

Louisiana Is Struggling for a Disposal Method for the Nation’s Biggest Stockpile of M6 Artillery Propellent

So, this should scare the crap out of the people who live in the surrounding areas. If I’m not mistaken, this place is in the NW corner or Louisiana on the border of the state. Colorado has figured out its similar challenge in Pueblo, but for some reason, Louisiana thought they could just maybe set […] - (read more)